Center Your Work Each Time!


Heinrich Company announces its improved line of self-centering vises. The three units have jaw widths of 2”, 6” and 8” and can handle stock sizes from as small as ¼” to as large as 9”. Maximum jaw opening can be adjusted by means of stops. A special set of hardened and ground horizontal v-jaws is offered with each size.

The vises are operated with double-acting piston type air cylinders that produce from 15 times up to 33 times power factor; 120 psi is the recommended maximum air pressure. The gear and rack assembly in the bottom of each unit moves the jaws together within an accuracy of +/- .0001”. The mechanism is fully protected for reliable and consistent movement. The units can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position.

Heinrich Company has been making special workholding tools for over 75 years. Their products include quick-acting screw less vises, single and double-acting air vises, self- centering vises, cross-hole drill jigs, 5C air collet fixtures, and special metal cutting hand tools.
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