Centralized Weld Fume Extraction Series


Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces the new FILTAIR Industrial Centralized Weld Fume Extraction Series. This new product line from Miller includes five base models (2,000, 4,000, 6,000, 8,000 and 12,000 cfm) and is extremely customizable to a wide variety of welding cells and applications. Requiring up to 65 percent less floor space than traditional cartridge collectors, Miller’s new FILTAIR Industrial Centralized Fume Extraction Series is ideal for industrial welding environments as well as vocational/technical schools.
This new system combines Miller TruLock™ Filter technology with a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) 15 nanofiber filter pack to guarantee superior performance in immediately capturing up to 95 percent of all submicron particles (based on ASHRAE 52.2 test standards).  One FILTAIR nanofiber filter pack replaces up to three traditional cartridge filters, reducing both costs and maintenance. The system also features both an online and offline Linear Jet Automatic Cleaning System for longer filter pack life and reduced maintenance. The filter packs are easily accessible, require no tools for maintenance, and are surface loading for easy cleaning and long service life.
Combine the FILTAIR Industrial Centralized Fume Extraction Series with Miller’s full line of ducting, arms and accessories, and you have a true total solution package. The system can also be matched with Miller’s new Automation Hood, designed to work exclusively for fume extraction with Miller Welding Automation’s line of PerformArc Robotic Welding Systems. 


  • includes five base models
  • Requires up to 65 percent less floor space
  • 15 nanofiber filter pack
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