Recognized as the industry leader in Thread Inspection Systems and Technology, Johnson Gage has introduced the affordably priced “Centrax” Runout and Concentricity Inspection System for verification of cylindrical runout or concentricity in manufacturing or inspection applications. The new JCR-1 model incorporates precision datum rolls, a unique upper tension roll assembly, and integral axial stop pins to assure proper part staging and absolute gage accuracy.  To accommodate both part specific and universal applications,
the unit features Infinitely adjustable indicator mounting arm with fine-adjustment positioning and variable CMM Tee-Slot Mounting Stand. It is equipped with a
belt-drive to remove operator influence, simplify operation while increasing gage reliability and repeatability. Typical applications for the “Centrax” Runout and Concentricity Inspection System include finished and semi-finished fasteners and fittings, screw machine products, and high-precision medical parts.

Additional features include: system accuracy less than 2 microns, adjustable from 0.125” through 1.0000”, available with standard Mitutoyo Test Indicators or Digital Test with SPC output, standard adjustable articulated indicator mounting arm and Tee-slot mounting for infinite positioning options. Also featured: adjustable axial stops to simplify part positioning and prevent motion during inspection. Easy-to-
read permanent etched scales on Mounting Stand simplify repeat measurement applications. The unit can be used on Optical Comparators or other measurement systems w/optional Fixture Base. The JCR-1 can be used for adjustable or part-dedicated configurations. The standard “Centrax” JCR-1 model is priced at $995.00.


• System accuracy less than 2 microns • Adjustable from 0.125” through 1.0000” • Adjustable or part-dedicated configurations.
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