Chart Compares Physical Properties of PVC Tubing & Hose to those of Polyurethane at a Glance


Southampton, PA — The PVC-Polyurethane Comparison Chart from NewAge Industries, Inc., shows the similarities and differences between these two popular plastics as they relate to tubing and hose manufactured by the company. The chart was recently updated to include the latest information and specifications.

The PVC-Polyurethane Comparison Chart was developed to help tubing and hose buyers understand the critical differences between the performance properties of PVC and polyurethane. By combining this important information into one, easy-to-read chart, buyers can quickly see the variations that can assist in the decision-making process.

The chart compares items such as association standards that are met (FDA, NSF, 3A, Class VI), stocked sizes, hardness, tensile strength, operating temperatures, working and burst psi, colors, weather resistance, custom options, and more. The data is presented on one page, making it convenient to compare the various products, and is much more user-friendly than flipping back and forth between catalog or web pages.

Recent changes to the chart include adjusted typical application uses for each material, the latest information on ingredient and performance specifications, and updated photography. The comparison chart also lists the various forms of PVC and polyurethane products available from NewAge (unreinforced tubing, reinforced hose,), as well as various grades for particular uses (fuel and oil, ether-based polyurethane for use with water and moisture, specially-designed pneumatic tubing).

About NewAge Industries

In business since 1954, NewAge Industries is a manufacturer and fabricator of thermoplastic and thermoset tubing and hose, and a private-brand master distributor of fittings and clamps. The company offers one of the broadest product lines of tubing, hose, and fittings in the U.S. and, with its introduction of the AdvantaPure sanitary product line, is well suited to meet the demands of pharmaceutical and high purity applications. NewAge Industries prides itself on same-day shipment of 98% of orders for its core product lines.
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