Chiller Tube Cleaner


Goodway Technologies announces the launch of its newest rotary tube cleaner, the RAM-PRO-XL®. This innovative and award winning product is the biggest innovation in tube cleaning technology in decades, combining world class rotary tube cleaning performance with new TubeGuard® technology, a cleaning delivery system that obliterates biofilm and protects tubes against corrosion - both huge robbers of efficiency and tube life.  Maintenance of smooth or enhanced tubes in chillers is one of the best ways to promote efficiency in an HVAC system. During the tube cleaning - or tube punching - procedure, biofilm, scale and other contaminants are cleaned from the interior walls of chiller tubes. 

While many chillers are cleaned rather quickly, other units can be left offline for some time and in some case 10 days or more. If tubes are left exposed to water and oxygen for extended amounts of time, corrosion quickly develops, reducing the impact of the cleaning and increasing energy consumption and costs.  “We’ve been in this business a long time and always recommend getting chillers back online quickly after cleaning tubes”, said Tim Kane, President of Goodway Technologies. “I’ve seen firsthand how delays can cause corrosion in tubes, reducing the impact of the cleaning that’s just occurred. This is why we developed our new TubeGuard® technology to combat this problem. It not only helps deliver cleaner tubes by blasting biofilm, but it also adds corrosion protection to the tubes, protecting against future efficiency reducing corrosion build-up while the chiller remains shut down. You don’t brush your teeth without toothpaste, and now you shouldn’t clean your tubes without TubeGuard®”.  The RAM-PRO-XL® features all the best technology of the Goodway RAM-PRO® line of tube cleaners including quick connect shafts and brushes, powerful motor with adjustable shaft rotation, integrated water flush and rugged roll bar support to protect the equipment with the addition of an integrated 2-wheel dolly. The addition of in-line TubeGuard® technology biofilm cleaner and corrosion protection now takes a great product and makes it exceptional. 


  • obliterates biofilm and protects tubes against corrosion
  • quick connect shafts and brushes
  • powerful motor with adjustable shaft rotation
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