CIMPERIAL 1072D Soluble Oil


CIMCOOL® Fluid Technology, a leading global supplier of metalworking fluids that both satisfy customers’ needs and set the standards for industry performance, has introduced CIMPERIAL® 1072D, a soluble oil recommended for machining and grinding operations with poor water quality.  CIMPERIAL 1072D can be used in heavy to severe duty machining and grinding operations on mild steels, stainless steels, hardened steels, exotics and most aluminum alloys, including      MIC® 6.  The fluid has a good mix stability in high hardness, high sulfate, and high chloride water conditions.  The extreme pressure lubricant provides excellent lubricity which extends tool and wheel life while providing superior part quality. 
CIMCOOL Fluid Technology offers some of the most technologically-advanced fluids available for use in industrial operations with products that boast results including up to 300% improved tool life; an increase in productivity; excellent rancidity control; greatly reduced concentrate usage; and operator-friendly use.


  • for machining and grinding operations with poor water quality
  • good mix stability
  • excellent lubricity
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