CIMTECH® “Z” Products Expand Metalworking Fluid Technology


CIMCOOL, a long time industry leader in metalworking fluids technology, has announced the release of its latest development – the CIMTECH® “Z” Fluids. This recent addition to the comprehensive line of CIMCOOL products is sure to revolutionize the metalworking industry.

The CIMTECH® Synthetics family of products can improve both machining and grinding applications within operations without using mineral oil. Through pioneering research and development as well as extensive testing CIMTECH products can provide, clear, clean, low foaming, synthetic metalworking fluid. These qualities provide significant advantages in your machine and product quality. The CIMCOOL CIMTECH® family of products are applicable for both heavy and light-duty grinding and machining operations while providing superior results in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. The CIMTECH® fluids are formulated to reject tramp oil while providing a transparent substance. The results are greater metalworking detail with the ability to meet even the tightest specifications.

CIMCOOL has advanced the CIMTECH® line with the addition of the CIMTECH® “Z” metalworking fluids. Several CIMTECH® products have been enhanced with this new formulation to produce: CIMTECH® 305Z, CIMTECH® 310Z, CIMTECH® 320Z, CIMTECH® 3900B, CIMTECH® 285Z and CIMTECH® 410Z. The “Z” fluids have been designed to provide many considerable benefits, including extended sump life, up to a 40% improved tool life, a 20% increase in productivity, excellent rancidity control and greatly reduced concentrate usage.

Milacron, Inc. is a global leader in the design, manufacture and service of metalworking fluid technology. It is a leading supplier of fluid services, which support the metalworking industry, to manage metalworking fluids and reduce costs. It is certified ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ANSI/ASQ Q9001.

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