Clamp Jacket


PYI, Inc. has designed a cover for the tail end of the hose clamp that not only provides protection to the user but also gives a clean finished look to any project. PYI’s Clamp Jackets are made from durable EPDM rubber that can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit (steam up to 400 degrees). Clamp Jackets are available for ½” and 5/16” hose clamps. 

The Clamp Jacket has an extended lip located on the bottom that acts as a guide for sliding it easily over the hose clamp tail and they are notched on the inside which increases the grip strength onto the hose clamp. Clamp Jackets are great for use in automotive, marine, industrial and household applications. With the introduction of the Clamp Jacket, PYI has come up with an inexpensive and stylish answer to nagging injuries associated with hose clamps.  


  • available for ½” and 5/16” hose clamps
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