Clean Up Flammable Liquids with Abanaki's Q-VAC 100X Explosion-Proof Wet Vac


Abanaki's new explosion-proof wet vac, the Q-VAC 100X?, vacuums up liquids in environments that require explosion proof equipment.  The Q-VAC 100X wet vac is designed to eliminate the possibility of static electricity build up and discharge which could spark an explosion.  The entire unit - from the floor tool to the hooded Venturi - is grounded, allowing the unit to shed any static electricity to a ground via a spring-loaded alligator clamp (attached by the user to a reliable ground). The Q-VAC 100X, which has no electrical parts, is the only explosion-proof wet vac on the market that is air driven.  

 The Q-VAC 100X thoroughly suctions all types of wet industrial spills to prevent injury and damage.  Utilizing a venturi design, it is far more powerful than competitive units. The Q-VAC 100X pumps liquid directly into a standard drum for convenient storage or recycling, and a liquid overflow shutoff-valve ensures that the vacuum automatically turns off when the drum is full.  The proprietary muffler design keeps it surprisingly quiet for a unit with such power

 In addition to the explosion proof Q-VAC 100X, Abanaki offers a standard duty wet vac  --the Q-VAC 100 -- that can be used to remove coolant and chips from machine sumps for optimal equipment operation.   Both vacuums contain no moving parts and run on compressed air quickly, quietly, and virtually maintenance-free.  

The Abanaki Q-VAC 100 is ideal for removing surface contaminates from process baths, emptying tanks and drain pits, draining containers and vats completely dry, and removing spent coolant from a machining center.  The Q-VAC 100 will also vacuum oil, coolant, and other floor spills.

     The Abanaki Q-VAC 100 and Q-VAC 100X model wet vacs offer industrial plants several advantages:
  • Minimize use of absorption materials and reduce hazardous waste disposal
  • Unique air-powered design for safe and quiet operation
  •     Low maintenance, with no filters or moving parts to replace
  • Easy to install on a standard 55-gallon drum
  • Reduce the need for sorbents and all the problems associated with them
  • Complete with hoses and wet vac accessories

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