CleverDragon Machine Vision Camera Features Power Over Camera Link, Captures Full Frame Images at 90 FPS


Bringing greater accuracy to high-speed machine vision applications, Toshiba Teli America, Inc. today introduced its CleverDragon line of industrial-grade cameras capable of up to 90-frames-per-second, all pixel data readout at VGA resolution. Featuring Power over Camera Link (PoCL) technology to allow transfer of image data, power, and control signals on a single cable, the new cameras are optimized for semiconductor, packaging and other high-speed detailed inspection tasks.

Two CleverDragon models are available in resolutions of XGA (1024 x 768) or VGA (640 x 480). Equipped with a full-frame shutter that allows all-pixel reading even during random trigger shutter operations, the cameras read data three times faster than conventional CCD cameras, while providing vertical resolution without degradation.

The tetragonal lattice layout of the camera's 1/3-inch CCD pixels facilitates faster computation for image processing. In addition to full-frame reading, CleverDragon can increase speed in partial scan mode because areas outside the image output range specified by the user are not read.

Both versions of the CleverDragon have random trigger shutter, which starts exposure synchronized with external trigger signals. As a result, fast-moving objects can be captured in place, which ensures accurate image processing.
Ideal for replacing existing monochrome analog cameras, CleverDragon cameras have an ultra-compact form factor (29mm x 29mm x 26.5mm) to help integrators achieve important space savings. PoCL further assists the integrator by eliminating the need for separate power and control cables.

CleverDragon cameras are manufactured in compliance with the European RoHS directive, which prohibits the use of hazardous substances.
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