Click-N-Seal™ Connection Tightens Consistently


Hand tightening fluid connection fittings is typically a guessing game; most specify “finger tight,” a subjective measurement that varies by person and finger strength. Guessing wrong and over tightening a fitting can result in poor fluid connections and leaky processing. Diba Industries’ patent pending Click-N-Seal™ connection fittings, part of its Torque Right™ line, eliminate this process variable. The reusable fittings provide objective feedback that the required torque for a proper seal has been achieved, and prevent excess torque. Tightening of the preassembled Click-N-Seal increases resistance against the installer's fingers until the correct torque is reached. The connection then clicks and further turning of the fitting does not increase the force applied. The installer can feel and hear the click that indicates the fitting is properly seated, and the Click-N-Seal physically prevents any tightening beyond that point. This audible and tactile indicator lets the installer hand tighten fittings without tools (such as a torque wrench), or guesswork. The ergonomic design results in less strain on the user, eliminates installer error, speeds field service times and facilitates training. The fitting is designed to be unthreaded by simply turning it backwards, and can then be reused. Even through repeated threading and unthreading, the Click-N-Seal prevents over tightening, stopping at the specified torque every time. When paired with Diba’s Flared Tubing Assemblies, Torque Right fittings with the Click-N-Seal connection produce a continuous, fully swept Fluoropolymer fluid path with a consistent internal tubing diameter in sample, reagent, wash, waste and other types of lines. These tight connections greatly reduce or eliminate dead volumes and carryover problems. Click-N-Seal connections are available with a standard *-28 thread size fitting in three colors for easy connection coding and identification. Custom configurations with Diba’s Flared Tubing Assemblies are also available; customers may specify tubing material, inside diameter (I.D.) and outside diameter (O.D.) of up to 1/8”.
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