Clip Rack System (for Dimension 4)


The Dimension 4 Clip Rack provides a foundation for a wide variety of productivity and storage accessories. With this added versatility, a Dimension 4 workstation is easily configured for any worker…any task. Reconfigure as needs dictate!

The Dimension 4 Clip Rack features moveable shelves, cabinets and other components in shorter lengths. The components attach to a steel support frame bolted to the workstation’s vertical uprights above the worksurface.
Because the system’s shelves, flipper door cabinets, and parts cup stringers are approximately half the width of the workstation, they are easy to remove and reposition.


Rear brackets on the end of the shelves, cabinets and other components slide firmly into the slots on the clip rack’s vertical frame in three places.

Numerous slots provide a wide range of spacing adjustments.
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