CO2 Cylindrical Lenses Feature Variety Of Focal Lengths


A full line of ZnSe cylindrical lenses, offered with a variety of focal lengths and sizes for refocusing a laser beam into a line shape is being introduced by Laser Research Optics of Providence, Rhode Island. Laser Research CO2Cylindrical Lenses feature focal lengths from 5” to 30” with +/- 0.5% tolerance. Designed for refocusing a 10.6 µm laser beam into a line shape, they are available in sizes from 1” to 2” dia. with +/- 0.005” CT. Providing a 60-40 scratch-dig surface finish and 1 fringe surface accuracy @633 nm, Laser Research CO2Cylindrical Lenses are A/R coated for .5% max. reflectance per surface @10.6 µm and normal AOI. Laser Research CO2Cylindrical Lenses are priced according to configuration and quantity. Literature and price quotations are available upon request.
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