COAX® cartridges provide the ultimate decentralized vacuum system


COAX®, the next dimension in vacuum technology, is easily integrated into the body of manufacturing machinery with multistage cartridges. Designing the ultimate decentralized vacuum system is made possible by positioning vacuum power exactly where it is needed, making maximum use of energy and increasing speed by eliminating line losses and inefficiencies in graphic, packaging and automotive applications. Customized integration is a simple process that involves drilling a hole in the machine where the cartridge is then inserted. Vacuum systems based on COAX® technology provide up to three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems, allowing for improved speed and reliability in multiple applications such as paper feeding, carton erecting and injection molding processes. COAX® cartridges are offered in three distinct versions. The Bi cartridge has been developed to operate at a relatively high vacuum level and very low feed pressure. It is recommended for pick-and-place applications that require a high level of safety. Developed to achieve a high vacuum level at low feed pressure, Pi cartridges are ideal for the handling of non-porous products. The handling of porous materials is possible with the Si cartridges, designed to provide extra vacuum flow. Each version is available in multiple sizes.
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