Combination Laser Distance and Angle Measurer


Bosch Measuring Tools  introduces the laser distance measurer of the future. The GLM 80, the first Li-ion battery-powered combination laser distance and angle measurer, incorporates a number of new features including the ability to accurately measure heights of and distances to objects with only one click of a button. The GLM 80 is created for users who need advanced functionality to increase productivity. The integrated two-axis tilt sensor, a first in the industry, enables the GLM 80 to read angles when the unit is handled either horizontally or vertically. Its indirect measurement mode is ideal for taking measurements that are inaccessible.  The GLM 80 does this by combining distance with angle measurements with only one click of a button. The tilt sensor can also be recalibrated with a few simple calibration steps to ensure accuracy after drops, temperature changes and other usage variations. In addition, the tilt sensor ensures more accurate readings because it indicates when the unit is level.

The new Bosch GLM 80 features an integrated Li-Ion battery, rechargeable via standard micro-USB. The battery can achieve up to 25,000 measurements per charge. 

For added versatility, the GLM 80 can also be placed inside the R 60 digital level attachment, which transforms the GLM 80 into a digital level.  The R 60’s fixture and locking mechanism offers tool stability and its automatic recognition with GLM 80 makes the two a perfect pair.

The GLM 80’s large, automatically back-lit display with tilt screen technology offers easy viewing in all directions. Other measurement modes include length, area, volume, continuous, minimum, maximum, multi-surface area and multiple indirect measurements. The GLM 80 has four different reference points – front of unit, back of unit, tripod mount and corner pin. It also includes an integrated timer that can be used with all measurement modes to ensure greater accuracy. With enhanced memory, the GLM 80 can store up to 20 measurements, helpful if a specific measurement must be added to others or kept for constant reference.

The GLM 80 is perfect for checking heights and measuring distances that are inaccessible or difficult to reach and for estimating wall and floor coverings, HVAC systems, concrete and gutters. Combined with the R 60, the GLM 80 is ideal for leveling doors and windows, framing concrete, installing drain pipes, etc.


  • accurately measure heights
  • only one click of a button
  • reads  angles
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