Combustion / Flue gas Analyzers


The Tempest 50 & Tempest 100 are rugged, portable and flexible combustion / flue gas analyzers.  Both versions have Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Oxygen (O2) sensors and also provides Ratio, Efficiency, XSAir, calculated Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and NOx, and Differential Temperature measurements. Each unit comes complete with a stainless steel flue probe, data logging, built-in printer, carry case, battery charger, rechargeable battery, instruction book, and conforms to BS7927.  Continuous operation is available from AC power while the battery charger is attached.

The Tempest 50 is the fast and economical way to measure the composition of boiler flue emissions.  Optional pressure sensing & draught measurement +/- 150 mBar and an Optional 0-1000 ppm Nitric Oxide (NO) sensor can be added. 

The Tempest 100 is a powerful portable combustion analyzer that can be configured to meet specific monitoring requirements.  This unit comes standard with the pressure and Nitric Oxide sensors with optional sensors for NO2 and/or SO2 available.  The combination of multigas emission analysis, differential pressure and temperature measurement reduces service costs and ensures the safe operation of appliances.


  • portable and flexible
  • measure the composition of boiler flue emissions
  • stainless steel flue probe
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