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The Sinumerik 828D BASIC T is designed to address the needs of shopfloor turning machines.  It combines CNC, PLC, operator panel and axis control for five axes/spindles, including live tooling.  Milling and drilling operations on a turning machine, both for face and peripheral surfacing, are therefore possible.   In tandem with the new Sinamics S120 Combi drives package, the 828D BASIC T represents a new level of efficiency and virtually maintenance-free operation, as the fans, hard disks and batteries of past CNC generations have been eliminated.  With rugged diecast magnesium front panel on an IP65 enclosure, the BASIC T enables an Ethernet connection, USB or Compact Flash (CF) card program loading.  An 8.4-inch color display for easy readability and simple QWERTY keyboard provide fast ramp-up for the operator.  Various communication ports in USB, Ethernet, Drive-CLiQ, PLC I/O interface, RS232 C and NC inputs/outputs are standard.  In operation, reliable 80-bit nano accuracy means contour control precision and a better workpiece, every time, while Siemens intelligent kinematic transformations provide the proper orientation of machining plane to work surface.  Though simple command language is provided for operator ease, the BASIC T functions with the highest level of ISO programming language.  Established cutting cycles can be utilized with fully Animated Elements for the faster visualization of part production on various levels with combinations of Sinumerik CNC and ISO programming languages possible, as well.  



Similarly, the new Sinumerik 828D BASIC M class features the same quality performance as the T class, but for use on milling machines.  Even in complex moldmaking operations, mirror-smooth surfacing and reduced machining times are enabled.  Again, in tandem with the Sinamics S120 Combi drives package and Simotics feed and spindle motors, the 828D BASIC T will operate a milling machine at the highest level of performance possible.  Superior axis and spindle dynamics within a broad speed bandwith yield quality workpieces, every time.  All the other benefits of the Siemens CNC family, including the Sinumerik Operate graphical user interface platform as well as ShopMill and ShopTurn easy programming are offered in these new 828D CNCs.  


SINUMERIK 828D             

The Sinumerik 828D is capable of full graphical, high-level language command and supports ISO programming that is customary in the United States.  This control family is ideal for single-part and small-batch production.  Programming time can be further reduced for small-batch production with the use of the ShopMill and ShopTurn graphical workstep programming systems, while high-level language programming can be used in conjunction with programGuide to significantly reduce programming times for large-scale serial production.  Also included with this expansion of the Sinumerik 828D family of CNC, modern PC and mobile phone technology are also available for the mid-range machine tool.  Extensive online help animations and a new type of input prompting system with moving picture sequences provide the basis for exceptional user convenience. USB, Compact Flash (CF) card and Ethernet ports enable high-speed data transfers onto storage media or integration of the control system into corporate data networks.   Through the use of its Easy Message functionality, the Sinumerik 828D family offers production status monitoring by text messaging (SMS). Depending on the recipient’s profile settings, the machine tool can transmit information about workpiece machining status, report on the tool condition currently in use and send machine maintenance bulletins to a mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.  These combined functions are designed to help keep machine downtime to a minimum.

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