Compact Connectors Resist Vibration, Water, and Dust


The IP67-rated connectors are offered in variations ranging from 3 to 4 contacts, a rated current of 3 Amps, a rated voltage of 30V or 60V and an operating temperature of -40 degree C to 85 degree C.

All M8 connectors have more than 100 mating cycles and are manufactured with high-quality materials to meet the various requirements of different environments. The housing is constructed out of high performance PA66 plastic material, pins are made of copper alloy with gold over nickel plating for mechanical stability and the connector body is made with brass for excellent electrical conductivity.





  • M8 (Metal Die-Casting) Receptacle, Male
  • M8 (Metal Die-Casting) 90°Receptacle, Male
  • M8 (Metal die-Casting) Receptacle Female
  • M8 Overmolded With Cable (Die-Casting Nut), Male
  • M8 Overmolded With Cable (Die-Casting Nut), Female
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