Nordson Corporation today introduced its next generation of compact electric hot melt adhesive guns. electric guns offer an outstanding combination of highly accurate dot or bead placement, easy installation and quiet operation, while requiring minimal space for installation and service. guns are ideal for high-speed dotting applications, such as cigarette tax stamps and couponing, chocolate wrapping and small carton flap sealing. guns operate in combination with a specially designed small diameter hose and an external gun driver, allowing for direct “plug and play”connections between the adhesive melter, gun, driver and hose. Nordson guns have on-times as low as 0.4 ms, cycle rates as fast as 1.8 ms, and a service life in excess of 200 million cycles. The guns’ ball and nozzle/seat design provides users with excellent repeatability, pattern control and consistency, delivering superior dot patterns and minimizing adhesive stringing or tailing. The gun also features a removable armature and seat and a number of interchangeable nozzles, allowing for quick and easy maintenance. In addition, manual stroke adjustment allows for re-zeroing of the module after servicing, and the module coil connector facilitates fast module exchange.
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