Compact Electronic Modules


The Electrobrick is a line of compact electronic modules available with many different functions: Converters, Optocouplers, Logical units, intelligent relays, Protection modules, DC/DC converters, AC/DC converters, Filters, Voltage and current sources etc. The Electrobricks are small plug-and-play enclosures that have the same shape as the common industrial relays. Electrobricks can be bought already installed in DIN rail sockets with screw terminal connections. Available accessories are labels, jumpers and LED indicators. The modules can also be bought without sockets, for soldering on PCBs. Featured Products: EB-O12-0.5AAD – Current input Optocoupler; 0.5Amps; switching up to 250VAC/350VDC EB-O3-24VDL – 24VDC Power Optocoupler with LED; switching 0-55VDC @ 5Amps (Other input voltages available)
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