Compact Encoder Provides over 160,000 Counts


Measuring only 1.5 inches in diameter, the L15 incremental encoder from BEI can now provide system designers with high-resolution capability in a compact package. Engineered with robust interpolative electronics, the L15 can give you the design flexibility of up to 40,640 cycles per turn in your control system. The internal, electronic multiplication boosts output resolution up to 16 times with no degradation of overall encoder accuracy. A maximum of 162,560 counts is available by using the standard quadrature detection option available on most PLC’s, counters and controllers. This new high performance option for the L15 is ideal for space or weight limited applications requiring high accuracy: applications such as semiconductor fabrication and industrial robotics. Now you can have a precision encoder packaged to fit where others can’t. The L15 encoder features a size 15 servo mount style package, _-inch diameter stainless steel shaft and can accommodate up to 5 pounds radial or axial load. The L15 encoder package has field-proven ASIC electronics, sealed dual bearings and BEI’s accurate code disk in an all metal housing to ensure ruggedness and reliability.


• Shaft Diameter: 1/4 inch nominal • Shaft Loading: Up to 5 pounds axial and 5 pounds radial • Shaft Runout: 0.002 midpoint of shaft • Starting Torque at 25°C: 0.20 in-oz (max) • Bearings: Sealed,instrument grade • Shaft Material: 416 stainless steel • Bearing Housing: Aluminum with protective finish • Cover: Drawn aluminum • Bearing Life: 1 X 109 revs (10,000 hrs at 1500 RPM) • Maximum RPM: 5,000 RPM nominal (see Frequency Response,below) • Moment of Inertia: 1.0 X 10-4 oz-in-sec2 • Weight: 6 oz (max) • Electrical Specifications • Output Format: 2 channels in quadrature,1/2 cycle index gated with negative B channel • Cycles Per Shaft Turn: 24 to 40,640 (see Table 2 back page) • Supply Voltage: 5-28 VDC • Current Requirements: • 100mA typical + output load 250mA (max),150mA (max) with 28V/5 • Voltage/Output: • 28V/V:Line Driver,5–28VDCin, Vout=Vin • 28V/5:Line Driver,5–28VDCin, Vout=5VDC • 28V/OC:Open Collector,5–28VDCin, OCout • Protection Level: Reverse,overvoltage and output short circuit • Frequency Response: 100kHz (non-interpolated),Up to 1 MHz interpolated
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