Compact, Energy-saving Industrial Displays with 5.7-inch Screens


In order to deliver space-saving and energy-efficient industrial display solutions, Beckhoff Automation has introduced new Control Panels and Panel PCs with ultra compact 5.7-inch displays. These panels feature rugged aluminum fronts with IP 65 rated protection. Space-saving display dimensions of 7.2” x 5” (W x H) facilitate use wherever compact displays are required for machinery or automated buildings.
These efficient panels with resolution of 640 x 480 pixels are available in different versions: from a “basic” Control Panel display without processor to a compact PC controller with an integrated, energy-saving Intel® Atom™ CPU. Beckhoff already brought its first compact 5.7-inch display onto the market in 2007 via the CP6608 Ethernet Control Panel. Now the concept has been extended to all of the company’s ‘Economy’ series of panels so the user can select from a wider range of compact devices:

-           CP6207 Panel PC with Intel® Atom™ CPU

-           CP6607 Panel PC with Intel® IXP420 CPU

-           CP6907 Control Panel with DVI/USB Extended interface

The space-optimized 5.7-inch displays’ full VGA resolution of 640 x 480 pixels ensures optimum picture quality. The new displays feature an optional touch screen version that utilizes high-quality 5-wire technology. This guarantees reliability and precision even in harsh industrial environments.

All Panel PCs are equipped with a 3½-inch motherboard manufactured by Beckhoff and can be expanded with a Compact Flash card. A Mini PCI slot is available for factory-installed cards. The operating range for all types of panels is 32 to 131 °F (0 to 55 °C).

In combination with TwinCAT® automation software from Beckhoff, the Control Panels and Panel PCs become exceptionally compact controllers for a wide variety of applications, from machine automation and industrial IT to building automation. Due to the range of many different available processors, the Beckhoff Industrial PC platform is highly scalable and allows users to select the ideal device matched precisely to their requirements.
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