Compact Magnetic Incremental and Absolute EncodersResist Harsh and Dirty Environments


Baumer Electric has introduced four new magnetic encoders designed to deliver excellent reliability in harsh and contaminated operating environments. With diameters of just 30 and 40 mm, these compact sensors fit easily into space restricted applications. The EcoMag 30 and EcoMag 40 are incremental encoders that offer resolutions from two (2) to 1024 ppr. Their absolute counterparts, the MagRes 30 and MagRes 40 encoders provide single-turn resolutions up to 10 bits and SSI output. Maximum rotational speed for the sensors is 12,000 rpm. Both 30 mm sensors will have shaft diameters of 5 mm, while the 40 mm hollow shaft sensor accepts shaft diameters to 12 mm. As they are magnetic rather than optical sensors, the EcoMag and MagRes are extremely robust and offer high shock and vibration resistance. They resist contamination from dust and moisture and provide excellent performance in harsh and dirty environments.


• sensing method magnetic • resolution (steps/turn) 2 ... 1024 • interface square wave signal • allowable el. rot. speed depending on pulse range • switching frequency fmax. 320 kHz • shaft type hollow shaft • specific shaft type end shaft • shaft diameter 12 mm • housing diameter 40 mm • mounting depth 32,5 mm • housing/flange material plastic / aluminum • mech. rotational speed < 6000 rev/min
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