Compact Motor Feedback Wire Draw Encoder Features HIPERFACE® Interface


SICK STEGMANN, INC. introduces XKS Motor Feedback Wire Draw Encoders. The system provides position or distance information with repeatability to ±0.15 mm for linear measurement paths up to 5 m at speeds to 3.5 m/sec. Precise linear guidance, as required in other length measurement systems, is not required.

The XKS system features a HIPERFACE® interface that combines the best of incremental and absolute encoder functions, and makes it possible to receive commutation, speed regulation and position information from a single device and just eight wires, compared with up to 19 leads in traditional systems.

XKS motor feedback wire draw encoders are well suited for a variety of automation applications including presses, punching and injection machines, storage technology, wood and sheet metal processing machines, machinery construction and medical technology, among others.

SICK STEGMANN, INC. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SICK AG in Waldkirch, Germany. SICK|STEGMANN is a world leader in the design and manufacture of incremental, absolute and linear encoders, as well as motor feedback systems.


• 128 sine-/cosine periodsRepeatability: ± 0.15 mm • Measuring Lengths: 2 m max. or 5 m max. • Operating Speed: 3.5 m/sec.max. • Operating Voltage Range: 7...12V • Working Temperature Range: -10...+ 70o C • Protection Class: IP52 • Electrical Interface: Hiperface
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