Compactor Enclosure


Zoneworks is pleased to introduce the CE Series Compactor Enclosure, a flexible, custom-designed product that encloses compactors and dumpsters at the loading dock. The Compactor Enclosure improves energy efficiency by helping to maintain consistent temperature and humidity levels inside a facility, while also keeping wind and inclement weather outside, ensuring a safe, comfortable environment for employees inside. The Compactor Enclosure’s modular industrial fabric design makes it a cost-effective option, as well. 

Its construction consists of a strong steel framework, Zoneworks’ insulated curtain wall panels, and a long-lasting corrugated steel roof with integral skylight. The insulated panels feature a heavy-duty, multi-layered construction of 18-ounce, industrial vinyl fabric surrounding anti-microbial polyester batting. This cost-effective design enables fast and easy installation and allows for minimal long-term maintenance. Exterior access to the compactor or dumpster is possible through quick, magnetic access openings on both sides of the Compactor Enclosure. The Compactor Enclosure, like all Zoneworks products, is custom-designed to match your unique application and specifications. 


  • improves energy efficiency
  • strong steel framework
  • insulated curtain wall panels
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