Composite Mag Drive (CMD) Series for Crucial Liquid Containment


Viking® Pump recently released the Composite Mag Drive (CMD), a groundbreaking new series of sealless, non-metallic pumps specially designed for crucial liquid containment applications, including corrosive chemicals, volatile organic chemicals, and flammable liquids. Due to the CMD pump's engineered-fluoropolymer and ceramic-wetted material design and construction, the series of pumps can handle a broad pH range and offers advanced durability, broader compatibility, and corrosion resistance. The new CMD series is also available at a lower cost of acquisition compared to other exotic metallic pumps on the market. "Our latest innovative pumping solution, the CMD series, is an ideal fit for customers looking for new ways to handle a vast range of chemicals and corrosive materials," said John Hall, Product Manager of Viking Pump. "Because our CMD series is designed and manufactured with fewer parts, the pumps require less, more simplified maintenance that translates into a lower total cost of ownership. We're very excited about bringing the tremendous value of this highly effective, cost-saving solution to our customers." The CMD series offers several important benefits, including: 100% renewable performance with use of Viking's recommended spare parts kit; a groundbreaking magnet system with a patent-pending spline design that allows the magnet to self-align while floating on the shaft with no added fasteners; self-lubricating, heavy-duty bearings with patent-pending bearing geometry that allows 30-minute dry-run capabilities; and a unique, universal flange that allows for easy installation for both ANSI and DIN flanged systems, among other key benefits. In addition, the CMD series offers excellent application flexibility, including an array of models with port sizes ranging from ?" to 1-?", capacities at 1450 RPM ranging from 0.34 to 16.5 GPM (1.3 to 62.5 LPM), and capacities at 1750 RPM ranging from 0.4 to 20.0 GPM (1.5 to 75.0 LPM), with a maximum differential pressure of 150 PSI (10 Bar) and a maximum recommended operating temperature of 150°F (65°C). Both the RTP20 and RTP30 series efficiently fill rotor voids, allowing for faster and quieter operation on viscous liquids. In addition, with a longer sealing land at rotor tips, the series provides enhanced efficiency when working with lower viscosity products. The RTP20 offers a capacity to 264 GPM (1,000 L/M / 60 M3/Hr.), pressure to 145 PSI (10 Bar), viscosity to 250,000 SSU (55,000 cSt), and operates in temperatures to +230°F (+110°C). The RTP30 offers a capacity to 340 GPM (1,283 L/M / 77 M3/Hr.), pressure to 175 PSI (12 Bar), viscosity to 250,000 SSU (55,000 cSt), and operates in temperatures to +300°F (+150°C).


• Size: 125 • Standard Port: 1.5 Inches • Nominal Capacity at Maximum Speed: 125 LPM; 33 GPM • Maximum Speed: 1800 RPM • Maximum Pressure*: 10 BAR; 150 PSI
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