Compound Tooling & Die Set


DAYSet™ high-precision compound tooling is a complete tooling system for the production of high-quality, cost-effective stamped products in a single step operation.  This proven system allows 15-minute tool changeover, making it ideal for short and medium runs, prototyping, and quick changeover environments.  Based on the “Hovis Die” principle, but with an improved design, DAYSet™ eliminates the need for high-cost progressive dies – thus saving time and money while providing maximum product consistency.  

This unique technology allows the efficient production of stamped parts, like washers, in varying thicknesses, sizes, shapes, and materials, even in short runs.  This proven design is ideal for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, automotive, consumer goods, commercial engines, factory automation, marine, material handling, medical/scientific, national defense, pharmaceutical, trucks & buses, and more.   The DAYSet™ pre-assembled Master Compound Die is a precision-made die set that works with the compound tooling to provide a complete system for producing flat blanks (like washers) in a single press stroke.  This two-post die set with adjustable guides includes a knockout and a key for irregular shapes.  All parts are made to exacting standards with top quality materials.  Tool changeover can be accomplished in under 15 minutes in a master compound with identical registry without manual alignment.  Changeover to different tooling for a different size or shape part can be accomplished by simply removing screws and replacing the tool.   


  • single step operation
  • 15-minute tool changeover

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