Comprehensive Clean Air Treatment Equipment Catalogue


Want to learn more about clean air treatment for compressed air? Need help selecting the right treatment options for your application? Kaeser’s completely updated clean air treatment catalogue includes information on ISO quality classes, air treatment configurations, as well as describes various clean air treatment products.
To help you improve product quality and reduce production equipment maintenance, Kaeser Compressors offers everything you need for clean, dry compressed air. This 10-page brochure details Kaeser’s outstanding array of refrigerated, desiccant and membrane dryers, as well as our superior filtration line to trap moisture, particles, oil mists and vapor. And don’t forget our automatic drain traps and condensate management systems to remove these contaminants and reduce waste disposal costs.
This full color publication will help you select the right combination of dryers and filters to reach any ISO quality class from general purpose shop air to oil free to OSHA Grade D breathing air.
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