Banner Engineering Corp. offers a wide array of advanced lighting solutions for vision systems. With over 35 years of LED circuit design, packaging and manufacturing experience, Banner’s comprehensive line of high-quality illumination products now includes dozens of lighting configurations. Lighting products are available in five different color options, with an array of filters, diffusers and mounting systems—all built to exacting standards. Banner’s high-quality illumination products can be added to its award-winning line of PresencePLUS® vision sensors or any other vision platform, improving the accuracy and reliability of the inspection, regardless of the hardware.

Banner’s lighting products allow vision sensors to yield a high-contrast image that dramatically improves the repeatability, reliability and accuracy for a successful, high-speed visual inspection. All Banner lighting models feature self-regulation, delivering uniform illumination levels for stable, consistent lighting, without a specialty external power supply. In addition, built-in, universal strobe control capability allows lights to easily synchronize with any camera.

“With industry-leading design, manufacturing and application support, Banner’s advanced lighting solutions offer the same advantages of all Banner products.  These advantages include the ability to competitively source only the highest quality components, offer global availability of product from stock, deliver localized application support and the agility to provide customized lighting solutions quickly and affordably,” said Dan Holste, Director of Vision Products.   “Since we’ve engineered vision sensors from the ground up and have solved thousands of vision applications in the process, we understand the physics and geometry of light.” Holste adds, “Banner accommodates custom profiles, mounting and bracketing options, and offers special packaging materials to best meet the requirements of any vision application.”

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