Compress Your Carbon Footprint


The FSD series of rotary screw compressors have been redesigned to deliver an energy efficiency advantage of up to 26% over the competition. The FSD 350 and 450 have lower life cycle costs due to their flows that range from 1243 to 2052 and pressures to 217 psig.

This series includes:

  • IE4 premium efficiency drive motor
  • enhanced cooling design
  • ecofriendly filter element
  • integral moisture separator with drain
  • Electronic Thermal Management System


Each unit comes with Sigma Control 2, an intelligent controller that offers compressor control and monitoring with enhanced communications capabilities and a built-in heat recovery option to lower a plant's carbon footprint. 


Horsepower: 350-450 hp 
Capacities: 1243-2052 cfm 
Standard pressures: up to 217 psig

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