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DIRAK has expanded its product offering to include a new compression latch designed specifically for applications that require quick and secure locking in high vibration environments. 


  • Provides a compression range of 7mm (.276”) for environmental gasket sealing and helps reduce noise and rattle caused by vibration.
  • Low profile design features 4.5mm (.177”) of protrusion off the panel surface enhancing the overall application aesthetics
  • The locking position of the cam is clearly illustrated by an indicator built into the   housing
  • Locking mechanism is a two-step process actuated by one continuous 180°   turn: Step 1: The first 90° turn rotates the cam behind the frame. Step 2: A second 90° turn pulls the cam 7mm towards the frame. 

Ten insert styles are available for access control securing the latch from accidental opening caused by shock and vibration. Variable H-dimension ensures optimal fit for most applications. The H-dimension is adjustable from 12.5mm (.492”) to 83.5mm (3.287”). Single hole mounting provides for quick and easy installation. Available pre-assembled with a 33mm (1.3”) straight cam. Two offset cams (27.5mm and 13.5mm) are also available. 

The 1-067 Compression Latch is an ideal solution for any indoor or outdoor application that requires gasket sealing and reduction of noise and rattle caused by vibration.  It can accommodate any application with a door/panel thickness of up to 18mm.  In addition, it offers a powder coat finish for corrosion resistance and has been IP65 rated, making it a cost-effective solution for outdoor applications.


  • compression range of 7mm
  • low profile design
  • ten insert styles are available
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