Computer Numerical Control eLearning Series


Coastal Skills Training’s Computer Numerical Control employee training series is now available in the company’s popular ClarityNet® HD online courseware.  

The Computer Numerical Control 15-part eLearning series teaches the fundamentals of CNC for milling operations. It is designed for mill and drill operators who have some experience with machining; however, previous knowledge of CNC programming is not required to understand the content.

As ClarityNet® HD online courseware, the series now features high-resolution graphics, pre- and post-testing, embedded questions, and interactive exercises. End-users can complete the training content at their own pace and convenience and administrators can deliver and track the training with ease.

Coastal’s Computer Numerical Control eLearning series is available for free 15-day preview and includes the following 15 programs:

•    Introduction to Computer Numerical Control
•    Preparing for Programming
•    Absolute and Incremental Positioning
•    One- and Two-Axis Linear Milling
•    Three-Axis Linear Milling and Circular Milling
•    Completed Milling Programs
•    Drilling, Boring and Spot Facing
•    Subroutines
•    Looping
•    Special Cycles
•    Translation
•    Polar Coordinate Programming
•    Scaling
•    Multi-Quadrant Interpolation and Rotation
•    Cutter Radius Compensation.

These courses expand the range of Coastal’s Machine Technology eLearning Curriculum – bringing the total number of training hours/units to 39. Other Machine Technology eLearning series include Basic Machine Technology (10 training hours/units) and Basic Engine Lathe (14 training hours/units).

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