Condensate Measuring Sanitary Steam Trap


Nicholson Steam Trap Company, of Walden, NY, announces the ‘CoMBo’, condensate measuring elbow thermostatic sanitary steam trap, developed specifically for clean steam equipment condensate drainage in the pharmaceutical, bioprocess, electronic, food, beverage and cosmetic industries. The ‘CoMBo’ sanitary steam trap features our –B ultra sensitive bellows that maintain less than six inches of condensate backup, instead of the traditional 18 inches of condensate backup, for loads ranging from 1 to 27 lb/hr. for vessels sized up to 40,000 liters. The Nicholson ‘CoMBo’ sanitary steam trap meets ASME BPE code; has 30% to 50% higher discharge capacity than standard industry sanitary steam traps; is available with a _ inch horizontal or vertical inlet, with an optional thermowell for a resistant thermo probe (RTD); _ inch though 1 _ inch outlet, and is designed for pressures to 40 PSIG and temperatures to 292°F.
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