Condor™ XL rider-scrubber has extra-wide cleaning path for high productivity


The new Advance Condor™ XL rider-scrubber has a wide cleaning path for large cleaning applications and front-wheel steering for easy maneuverability, making it one of the most productive machines in its class. The unit features counter-rotating cylindrical brushes that sweep and scrub in a single pass for efficient cleaning in distribution centers, manufacturing plants, warehouses, beverage distributors or food processing facilities. With a 100-gallon solution tank and up to a 67-inch wide cleaning path, the Condor XL can clean up to 100,000 square feet without stopping under normal scrubbing speeds. “This engine-powered, high-production rider-scrubber is designed for big cleaning jobs,” says Sara Thurston, Advance brand manager. “With four different cleaning systems, the Condor XL can handle normally soiled floors or exceptionally dirty factory floors that need aggressive scrubbing. It is especially well suited to cleaning worn or pitted concrete floors with heavy buildup.” The Condor XL also features the Advance AXP™ onboard detergent dispensing system that accurately delivers chemicals at the specified dilution ratio. “This allows the operator to effortlessly switch chemicals without waste and to fill the machine anywhere there is fresh water,” says Thurston. The side brooms are equipped with the Advance DustGuard™ dust suppression system that eliminates dust that might be kicked up while sweeping. The system controls dust by creating a “fog” around each broom that prevents dust from becoming airborne and settling on adjacent surfaces. This is especially important in applications where there is a need to eliminate dust that might accumulate on equipment or stored products. The Condor XL is also designed for easy operation and maintenance. With the Advance OneTouch™ system, the entire scrub system is activated by the press of a button. The unit has front steering for maximum maneuverability. It also features clear sightlines, giving the operator a direct view of the cleaning path. For easy cleaning, the recovery tank has a tilt-out, lift-off design or an optional drain door on the outside of the tank. The unit’s modular MaxAccess™ design enhances serviceability and provides tools-free access to all systems.


• Wide 48 inch cylindrical scrub deck • Tools-free removeable squeegee, brushes and blades • One-touch™ functionality • Ergonomic cockpit and controls • Large 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks • Touch-pad LEDs on operator panel • 2 inch wide drain hose • Heavy-duty steel front bumper • Large poly debris hopper • Simple and intuitive controls • Adjustable seat and tilt steering wheel • Clear-View™ • MaxAccess to engine and hydraulics • Tip out / lift off recovery tank
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