Conductivity Based Sensor


Gems® Sensors & Controls announces the launch of a new conductivity based sensor to detect the presence of water in fuel and lubricating oil within a broad range of applications. As a leading supplier to OEMs in level and pressure sensors for off-highway vehicles, locomotives and generator sets, Gems has expanded their product offering with the launch of the WIF-1250.  The WIF-1250 is an innovative, no-moving-parts solution specifically designed to detect the presence of water in fuel.  It is also ideal for use with fuel filters, and in compressor crank cases to determine if water is present in the lubricating oil. Based on reliable conductivity technology, WIF-1250 sensors are built from robust nickel plated steel for compatibility with temperatures up to 257°F (125°C), and are suited for the most challenging environments or applications. 

The compact sensor is an affordable solution that is easy to install and can be mounted in any position. The WIF-1250 is a solid state reliable solution that contains integral, high-temperature-rated electronics that generate an alternating voltage to a probe tip. The presence of water completes the circuit which, in turn, changes the condition of the transistor output. Output options vary and can be used to actuate relays, indicator lights or LEDs, as well as to interface with CMOS/TTL logic, PLCs or microprocessors.  Product approvals include CE and RoHs and sensors are available in 1/4” NPT and M12 mountings for applications around the world. 


  • detecs the presence of water in fuel
  • robust nickel plated steel
  • high-temperature-rated electronics

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