Connection Systems with New Industry Leading IP-67 Rated Sensor Actuator Interfaces (SAI’s)


Weidmuller now offers a new line of full featured Active Sensor Actuator Interfaces (SAI’s) for industrial applications. These new SAI’s provide users with greater levels of wiring flexibility for achieving modular and decentralized process control in automation applications. These new Active SAI’s are all available in robust and environmentally rated IP 67 housings. In addition to the quality housings, each of these new SAI’s support all industry leading network protocols including; Profibus, DeviceNet and CANopen, as well as Ethernet, Ethernet/IP, PROFINET and Modbus/TCP. The new SAI’s use the same plug-in ports for either sensors or actuators. This allows wiring flexibility by providing users the freedom to create their own application-specific solutions. The user is able to define the inputs and the outputs without time-consuming configurations. Weidmuller’s new SAI Active modules meet IP 67 protection standards, making them an ideal choice for harsh environmental applications. All of the M12 connections, as well as the SAI bus connection are available in a robust metal design. The compact plastic housings are made of Pocan which is rated to flammability class UL 94 V0. The modules have UL, CSA and CE approvals and are Profibus network certified in accordance with PNO. The new SAI’s are available with industry standard M8 and M12 socket connections. Variations include: 24VDC with 8 x M12 inputs, 24VDC with 8 x M8 inputs, 24VDC with 8 x 0.5A M12 outputs, 24VDC with 8 x 0.5A M8 outputs, 24VDC with 8 x M8 “configurable I/Os, and 24VDC with 8 x M12 “configurable” I/Os. All of the new SAI Active modules feature Plug and Play connections for the sensors and actuators, and have LEDs at each port, bus and supply connection. In addition, each port is equipped with a large marking tag for clear identification.
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