Contained Conveyors


Built for a wide range of applications from baking to nutraceuticals, piFLOW vacuum conveyors ensure a safe working environment and problem-free operation.


Featuring a small footprint with flexible routing of pipelines, Piab's conveyors save space and are easy to move. A hygienic design makes them easy to clean and maintain, enabling quick changeover times and contributing to greater process uptime. Fitted with special features to mitigate segregation issues, they also guarantee safe and reliable production involving active ingredients.


Three models are available for the food industry; piFLOWf serves the basic food industry, piFLOWp targets premium applications, and piFLOWt handles tablets and other fragile products. A comprehensive range of accessories complements the conveyors. This includes Suction pipes that provide a lightweight and ergonomically correct solution for generally free flowing or granular materials, Feed nozzles for more challenging materials that allow the air intake to be adjusted for optimum mixture of conveyed material and aspirated air, and a dedicated Feed pipe for piFLOWt.


Also available is a Bag dump station with a special dust collector and an internal volume of 100 liters (3.53 cubic feet) that is able to handle four small bags simultaneously. Feed adapters for optimal flow are also included, as well as a special Feed station for piFLOWp/t, featuring an optional fluidizing function based on two points for extra carrying air for non-free flowing or other challenging materials. A Feed adapter with generic or Piab specific interface provides additional scope for adjustment.


  • Doubles the conveying capacity compared to conventional conveyors
  • Full opening maximizes the material throughput
  • A cost efficient alternative on the market
  • ATEX Dust classified conveyor
  • Equipped with COAX® cartridges – the most energy efficient way of producing vacuum
  • Easy to increase/decrease the number of COAX® cartridges
  • COAX® cartridges can provide three times more vacuum flow than conventional systems
  • Modular design
  • Easy to mount and dismount
  • Easy to clean
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