Inclement weather or bitter cold temperatures no longer will stop rental operations and heavy equipment or truck owners from reclaiming wash water after cleaning equipment. Riveer Environmental of South Haven, Mich. now offers a Cyclonator® Containerized Wash Rack System that operates year-around, even when temperatures dip as low as -10 degrees Fahrenheit (-23 degrees Celsius). The stand-alone, 8x8x20-foot steel container structure and its closed-loop wash rack system can be set up outdoors in less than a day. It can be permanently placed or moved from site-to-site by flatbed trailer. The all-weather enclosure is outfitted with a dual-zone, electric infrared heating system, flush-mounted florescent lighting, 20A 120V GFCI outlets, a circuit breaker panel with three-phase distribution, bright Urethane interior finish and security door to protect equipment. The system comes with an external, 18x24-foot above-ground steel wash rack with skid steer-access side trough. Drive wheeled- or tracked-vehicles (up to 80,000 pounds) onto the racks and use the system’s 4,000-psi pressure washer and 80 gallons per minute water cannon to remove heavy mud and debris. Wash water is then drawn from the rack trough or sump to a closed-loop Cyclonator II or Cyclonator III stainless steel filtration system housed in the containerized structure. The easy-to-operate Cyclonator features an automatic sludge conveyor and self-dumping hopper so it can filter water for weeks before the operator needs to enter the container building to conduct normal system maintenance. Using the Cyclonator to filter wash water prevents groundwater contamination and helps operators comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.


• Wash area – Varies • Weight (dry) - 1600 lb. • L X W X H - 110" x 48" x 55" • Holding tank - 42" diameter, 84"H • Water In Process - 250-gallons • Holding Tank - 600-gallons • Pressure - Varies • Flow Filter Process - 20 GPM • Electric - 220V single, 240V or 480V 3 phase • Oil Coalescing - 1525 sqft of Lantec Media
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