Continuous 5-Axis Cutting Motion Of Pockets, Sculptured Surfaces, And 3-D Features Made Possible With New 5-Axis Vise Clamping System


The workholding answer to five-axis machining operations is Kurt’s new 5-axis clamping system. It allows continuous 5-axis cutting motion of complex pockets, sculptured and contoured surfaces, and intricate 3-D features with repeatable high precision accuracy.

Called the Kurt VB 5 AX 100, this clamping system provides a clamping force up to 8992 lb (40kN) for obstruction-free, high speed machining in all 5 axes. Where conventional workholding limits a 5-axis machining center to just 3-axis operation, the Kurt VB 5 AX 100 extends the operating range of the machining center to its full output potential.
The system is adjustable to handle any desired clamping width and it is limited only by the size of the machine table. The system’s two clamping jaws, one stationary and one moveable, can be positioned at any desired distance from each other.

Kurt Manufacturing says its new VB 5 AX 100 eliminates jaw deflection and/or part misalignment during machining operations. By locating the tension spindle directly under the workpiece, the jaws do not flare out under tension and the machine table does not distort. The system handles blank workpieces, machined workpieces, and round and irregularly shaped workpieces with repeatable accuracy.

Specifications of the Kurt VB 5 AX 100 include a clamping width from 0.0787 inch to 9.291 inch (2 mm to 236 mm) that can be extended with optional spindle screws, a clamping depth of 0.315 inch (8 mm), height above the machine table of 6.889 inch (175 mm) with extended height options to 7.874 inch (200 mm) and 8.858 inch (225 mm). The system is designed to mount easily on standard T-slot tables, location grid machine tables or custom fixtures.

“Five-axis machining is growing rapidly as evidenced by the number of these systems now in the manufacturing sector, particularly where medical devices and aerospace engine components are manufactured,” reports Steve Kane, sales manager for Kurt Industrial Products. “The workholding that addresses the output potential for these complex 5-axis machines is proven with the advent of the Kurt VB 5 AX 100 system. Kurt’s delighted to be the exclusive North American Agent for this product which is consistent with our mission to be first with new workholding designs.”

First introduced in 1961, Kurt pioneered the precision machine vise with its patented Anglock® design. This development paralleled the development of computer numerical controlled machines with the Anglock vise providing the workholding accuracy and repeatability for these automated, high speed systems. With over 500,000 vises sold, Kurt was recently awarded “Best Brand For 2006” for machine vises and workholding.

Currently, Kurt offers a full line of single and multiple station vises and towers and offers a Lifetime Ironclad Warrantee on the products it manufactures.
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