Continuous Card Guide Tool


Mate Precision Tooling simplifies producing card guides in electronic assemblies with its new Continuous Card Guide Tool. Any length card guide now can be fabricated, eliminating the need for multiple tools and secondary operations.

Mate’s Continuous Card Guide Tool extends the punching capabilities of existing punch presses in these ways:
  • Card guide length can be customized to the printed board’s length to give it maximum support in the electronic assembly.
  • Eliminates the need to buy multiple tools for different applications. One tool does the work of many, reducing tool inventory and tooling setups.
  • Fabricates oversized card guides that previously required secondary operations.
  • No special programming software is required.

Designed for fast and efficient punching, the Continuous Card Guide Assembly produces an initial form. During the return cycle of the punch press, the integral stripping springs in the card guide assembly remove the work piece from the assembly. The punch press then incrementally advances the sheet and the process is repeated until the desired card guide length is formed. The distance between forms varies depending on the length of the initial form, which depends on the station size used.

Like all Mate tooling, the Continuous Card Guide Tool is designed for extra long life. Its robust construction includes: polished tool steel inserts for reliable operation, steel spring upper and lower stripper mechanism, and fully interchangeable replacement parts for maximum convenience.

Mate’s Continuous Card Guide Tooling is available for use in most popular CNC turret presses including those using Thick Turret, Trumpf style, Thin Turret, 112, 114, Nova and Salvagnini tooling.
Mate’s Continuous Card Guide Tooling is an ideal addition to Mate’s other application specific tooling for producing hinges, bends, interlocking components and custom markings, to name just a few. All of these features can be fabricated on a single punch press automatically with high speed and repeatable quality when tooled with Mate.

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