Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of innovative packaging machinery, introduces the Continuum™ Integrated Tray/Shrink System. Ideal for packaging applications in the food and beverage industries, Standard-Knapp’s new tray/shrink system provides efficiency, flexibility, quick changeover and a low-maintenance design. Handling the largest diameter range in the industry, the robust Continuum Integrated Tray/Shrink System is ideal for both loose containers and multipacks in a variety of materials, including glass, PET, HDPE, metal and fiber cans, HiCone, shrink bundles, and paperboard overwrap. These products can be packed into both corrugated and chipboard trays for added flexibility. Customers can choose between a free-standing or integrated shrink wrapper, as well as an integrated tray stacker option. Operating at speeds up to 100 trays per minute (TPM), Standard-Knapp’s system provides a smooth transition during the product/tray merge. Additionally, the Continuum Integrated Tray/Shrink System offers a quick, by-the-numbers changeover system with minimal change parts that require no tools. The system also features simple touch screen controls and a push-button grouper changeover to increase ease-of-use. Servo-driven for increased precision and repeatability, Standard-Knapp’s Continuum Integrated Tray/Shrink System offers Zero-Gap in-feed technology for balanced, jam-resistant packing lanes. Zero-Gap incorporates precise geometry and sensors to ensure a continuous container supply to the downstream lanes and grouping section.
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