Contrast Sensor with Most Gray Scale Levels on the Market


EMX Industries Inc., a manufacturer of sensors for automation, announces the CNTX contrast sensor, the highest resolution white LED contrast sensor on the market. The new sensor boasts the industry's highest resolution, and it is the only sensor able to reliably detect up to 50 gray-scale levels. Flexible Mounting: In addition, the CNTX sensor's round spot allows it to be mounted in any orientation. Standard contrast sensors with rectangular light spots can be mounted in only one direction - parallel to the mark on the target. Non-Standard Features: EMX's new sensor comes with standard features that are not provided standard in the industry. Unlike many other sensors, the CNTX has a two-digit display that shows the values of a background and a mark to indicate available switching margin. Most contrast sensors have only a red and green LED, which provide little information. Also - unlike other contrast sensors - the CNTX has the ability to lock the controls so the operator cannot change the settings and cause errors. The output is automatically configured to PNP or NPN upon power-up, aiding in setup. The light source intensity is variable so it can be adapted to the background.
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