Belden, a world leader in the development of signal transmission products for the industrial, enterprise, broadcast, residential and security markets, recently introduced a new Continuously Corrugated Aluminum Armored cable to the company’s full line of IndustrialTuff ControlBus Low-Loss Coaxial Cables for ControlNet factory floor control system applications. The new RG-6/U type coax (Product No. 183092A) features a continuously corrugated aluminum armored construction to ensure reliable performance in extremely harsh industrial environments. Other features include an 18 AWG solid bare copper-covered steel conductor, foam Polyethylene insulation, Belden’s Duobond Quad Shield and an inner PVC jacket. All of Belden’s ControlBus Low-Loss RG-6/U Type coaxial cables are designed and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of ControlNet, a high-speed serial communications network that provides for time-critical exchange of information between complex control devices such as PLCs, HMIs, and PC-based controllers. Optimal ControlNet performance requires high-speed, uncorrupted signal transmission capabilities, as well as robust construction capable of withstanding the rigors of factory floor installation. To optimize ControlNet performance and reliability, Belden IndustrialTuff ControlBus cables feature a Duobond IV Quad Shield for maximum signal integrity and run length, and are sweep tested to ensure that Return Loss and other critical performance metrics meet ControlNet physical layer specifications. ControlBus cables can be supplied with a CPE jacket and/or aluminum or steel armoring. Belden also offers variations of the cable to suit specialized applications and factory environments, or customized identification requirements. All control cables are RoHS compliant and CE approved.
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