Controlled Operation of Secure Doors


The BEA R2e-100 (Request To Exit) security door detector is designed for access control applications where a high level of protection is required. The detector mounts above a secure door, allowing authorized personnel to exit as needed while ensuring the door remains locked at all other times.

The R2e-100 uses active focused infrared detection to provide a known detection area, unaffected by thermal changes. The detection area stops at the door hardware, making it impossible to gain entry by sliding objects underneath the door from the other side. The detector uses parallel traffic rejection to eliminate false detections and any resulting attempts to gain entry by unauthorized personnel.

The R2e-100 is customizable to fit users’ needs, with an adjustable relay hold time between zero and 60 seconds, and multiple relocking modes for any timed or door position conditions. The detector has three auxiliary inputs for a push button or other request to exit device, a card reader or other request to enter device, and a door position switch.


  • mounts above a secure door
  • uses active focused infrared detection
  • adjustable relay hold time
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