Conveying Table Changes Directions


OTU, Omni-directional Transfer Unit is an ideal component that moves goods in almost any direction and can be used for all purposes such as infeeds, switches, diverters, crossing, transfers, and sorters. These OTUs can be universally combined to OTU tables in any length and width, adjusted respectively to the largest product to be conveyed as cardboard or plastic boxes or anything else with flat bases.


The conveyor consists of several detailed parts made of strong Techno-Polymers, is 75 x 75 x 133 mm in size, and is assembled together in dovetail similar forms and over-head confected with the belt and combined with a toothed rack. The wheels have tires of Polyurethane and are powered via a bevel gear system within each element, which cannot be seen from the outside of the machine.


Everything is moved with the standard DC gear-motors of 48 V and 40 W.


An OTU table can be easily installed in any conveyor construction because the individual assembled OTU elements are all pushed onto a substructure of aluminum profiles - no other attachments are necessary.


Producers of conveyor systems can buy this versatile conveyor as individual parts for self-assembly or as the fully assembled table including motors and control units to be mounted under or between an type of conveyor frame construction.

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