Coral Noil Mist Collector


The Coral Noil Mist Collector is designed for removal and recovery of water soluble mist and oil coolant mist in machine tool operations and industrial processes. The Noil accomplishes this utilizing three stages of filtration. The first stage collects the mist by capturing it at the source and accelerates it to the outer edges of a high speed turbine impeller. The mist is converted back into a liquid state and is drained from the bottom of the unit through a discharge outlet, allowing the recovered coolant to continuously drain back to the machining process. During the second stage the remaining air is forced through a cellulose filter cartridge which removes finely aspirated particles. The third and final stage is a high efficiency polyester filter, located inside the cellulose filter, and all remaining particles are filtered as the air is forced through.

This special design ensures vibration-free operation because the high speed turbine impeller is dynamically balanced andthe second and third stage filter system does not rotate.Coral’s powerful three stage Mist Collector provides 99.9% efficiency at 2 micron. With an optional fourth stage post filter containing a Teflon coated polyester cartridge, 0.3 micron is achieved.Due to the high efficiency of the first stage of filtration, the two filter cartridges last years before needing replacement. The polyester filter can be cleaned several times, furtherextending its life. Noil Models are available from <350 CFM to 1,530 CFM.


  • three stages of filtration
  • vibration-free operation
  • 99.9% efficiency at 2 micron
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