Cooper Power Tools today announced the introduction of its Cleco® 18-48 series of DC electric corded tools that offer 50 percent greater productivity and multiple ergonomic enhancements including weight and size reductions, while maintaining its industry proven durability. These tools feature a new brushless motor with high-resolution resolver and mechanical reaction transducer technologies coupled with one of the most durable gear designs offered today. They deliver torque from 2 to 230 Nm to accommodate bolt sizes from M5 to M16 and are offered in angle, pistol and in-line versions. Cleco corded electric tools are built for productivity, durability and accuracy. The 18-48 series brushless electric motor has been engineered to provide greater than 50 percent more speed of its 17-47 predecessor. Driven by proven resolver technology, the new line provides precision speed, angle and torque control under the most demanding torque strategies. The Cleco 18-48 series of electric tools offers significant ergonomic features and improvements over the 17-47 series. Significant weight improvements within the ergonomic window of a hand-held operation allow operators to function with less fatigue and improved productivity. A five percent handle diameter reduction allows tools to easily integrate into applications with large or small-handed operators. A new low compression mechanical start switch was used to increase Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of the entire system. The durable Cleco 18-48 series electric tools provide unique modular assembly for ease of repair. Standard tools minimize assembly and disassembly to reduce maintenance downtime. An on-board memory chip records set up values and keeps a count of cycles performed for on-time preventative maintenance scheduling.
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