Cordless, Battery-Powered Cart Mover


The battery-powered CartMover™ from Appleton Manufacturing is safe and convenient for workers needing to move heavy containers on wheels, such as product carts, mobile material racks, dumpsters, linen carts, hospital beds, parts bins, and core carts. With no cords to manage or trip over, the battery-powered CartMover is readily portable and easily maneuvered. Workers simply operate and guide the CartMover using the handle-mounted controls. Its ergonomic design prevents worker injury and encourages repeated use. Industrial-grade battery packs can be changed in seconds. A convenient battery charger cools batteries to extend battery life. With high-density, non-skid wheels and a powerful gear motor drive, the CartMover is capable of moving loads in excess of 20,000 pounds.


• Capacity: 100lbs - 20,000 Lbs* • variable-speed throttle grip • “belly button” emergency stop switch • 24V rechargeable NiCad battery • 110A programmable speed controller • 209 fpm max push/pull speed (2.4 mph) • rugged steel frame construction
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