The new Model 4450 3-wheel sit-down counterbalanced truck from The Raymond Corporation is engineered for productivity, energy efficiency and enhanced performance in a variety of material handling applications.
Designed for smooth transport of products and stacking of pallets, the Model 4450 features a short head length that reduces turn radius, also making it ideal for tight spaces, such as those found in manufacturing, warehousing and on loading docks. The Model 4450 can handle capacities up to 4,000 pounds (1,814 kg).

As a standard feature, selectable travel speeds enable the Model 4450 operator to properly adjust the truck to the environment for enhanced productivity and better control. For example, an operator can easily reduce travel speeds while unloading a trailer and switch to higher speeds for long distance transport.

“The new Model 4450 features increased travel and lift speeds, and Raymond’s oil-cooled disc brakes for longer brake life and cost savings,” says Craig Curtis, Class I product manager for The Raymond Corporation. “For added flexibility, the Model 4450 allows for easier integration into mixed fleets through a common battery compartment. It also enables battery access from either side of the truck, making battery changes easier and faster.”
 Additional productivity-enhancing features on the Model 4450 include:
• Raymond’s exclusive ACR System™ on both the drive and lift systems to ensure energy efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and provide consistent truck performance as the battery discharges
• An exclusive four-cylinder mast that eliminates the center free lift cylinder to allow operators to clearly see the load for more efficient travel, handling and stacking; and less product damage
• Speed reduction that decreases travel speed during turns


• Capacity (lbs.): 3,000, 3,500, 4,000 • 36 or 48 volt battery • Loaded travel speed (mph): 8 for 36 volt / 9 for 48 volt • Unloaded travel speed (mph): 8.5 for 36 volt / 9.5 for 48 volt
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