Cracking the New Job Market


Everyone knows that safe jobs and lifelong careers are long gone. So why do most job seekers and employment experts cling to outdated tactics for landing a good position?

Human resources insider R. William Holland delivers a completely new and radically improved set of rules for job hunters in today's very tough market, where white-collar positions are shed at higher rates than those of any other sector.

The key is to shift your focus from what you've done in the past—former job titles, duties, degrees—to the value you create for an employer in the future.

Value creation is the language employers respond to, and Cracking the New Job Market supplies powerful strategies for putting it to work for you.


  • Gather information on what prospective employers truly value
  • Tailor your resume and interview answers to speak directly to what companies value
  • Locate prime employment opportunities that intersect with your personal talents and what the marketplace needs
  • Unlock the networking power of social media
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